Single Barb Design

Years ago, before starting his own fitting company, our founder Kent Sampson fought with the multi barb fittings. Like others, he found that the barbs leaked and required constant tightening of tube clamps. This design flaw comes from the fact that the manufacturing of the multi barb configuration creates parting lines along the barb surfaces. As a result, the parting line creates a channel by which fluid can escape the tube. 

Determined to find a solution, Kent experimented with ideas before designing a single barb with no parting lines on the sealing surface of the barb. This ingenious idea resulted in a far better seal, and ultimately a better product. After founding KENT Systems, Kent preferred his design and created the Salient Barb. This design not only works better than a multi barb, but it also works great over a wide range of tube materials. This refined design is exclusively found here at KENT Systems on all of our product designs. 

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