Quick Coupling Shut-Off Valve

Shut-Off valves are necessary when you don't want to let the fluid or gas out of your unconnected tubes after you disconnect your quick coupling. In this sort of application, it's hard to beat the functionality of the KENT Systems cam action Shut-Off Valve.


The KENT Systems Shut-Off quick couplings are offered in a male or female design and require no additional steps to activate. The Shut-Off valve opens with the same quarter turn that locks the quick coupling into place and comes standard in light blue or grey. Contact us for custom color options. 


The Shut-Off quick couplings prevent fluid or gas from escaping the quick coupling while you are connecting the product. The O-Ring creates a seal and the locking lugs hold the quick coupling together before the Shut-Off valve begins to open. This makes for an easy connection even in high pressure applications. 

Working Under Pressure:

KENT Systems quick couplings also work better than other quick couplings at high pressures. The secret to this advantage lies with our patented cam action shut-off valve. As a result, the user is not forced to overcome the line pressure or messy leaks when connecting the quick couplings. 

Easy to Use:

We kept in mind that a large number of people work with quick couplings that have limited strength or restricted movement in their hands or arms, which is why we made it so easy with our quarter turn design. Even at high pressure, we make sure that our products are simple and easy to use for everyone. Don't select quick couplings that customers can't use. Select a product with a cam action shut-off valve available only on KENT Systems Quick Couplings.