Chemical Compatibility

Since our products are leak tested before they are shipped, you should never find one of our products to leak. If you ever find one of them is leaking, chances are you are looking at a chemical compatibility issues. Don't worry, this is an issue we can solve with a little testing and your help. 

First thing to keep in mind is that you should test every chemical you plan to use with the product. Next, know what to look for. If you find the couplings are harder to connect then they've been in the past, you might be looking at a chemical issue. In an extreme case that you find the shut-off valves "freeze" open, you are definitely looking at a chemical issue. The products are not designed to work that way. Different chemicals can cause swelling in the product, and because of the close tolerance of our products, sometimes the valves will clamp open. This is easily solved with a little testing.

Don't be afraid to contact us with any issues that you may have. In most cases, we can easily solve it. After all, we have a good idea of what we're doing. 

You will find a table listed which will be a good place to start your testing. If you see that any of the chemicals listed are less than good, you may need a different material than whats in our standard products. Give us a call, and we will give you a hand. We offer semi-custom options to help you figure out what you need. 

Data represented in this table is for reference only. We recommend you obtain free samples of our products for your testing. All information is supplied without expressed or implied warranty and does not constitute an endorsement.