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Shut-Off Valves

More Intuitive

KENT Systems Quick Couplings are extremely easy to use. To connect, the user inserts the male coupling into the female and turns clockwise a quarter turn.

Disconnecting the coupling is just as easy as coupling them. The user simply reverses the process and turns the male coupling counterclockwise one-quarter turn.

Through customer testing, we found our quarter turn quick coupling is more intuitive to users than push button or collar designs. We found when users approach Quick Couplings they are not familiar with, most people instinctively twist the couplings in an attempt to disconnect them. We used this finding as the foundation to our quick coupling design. As a result, we have a quick coupling that is easer to use.

Simple KENT Systems Connection

KENT Systems Cam Valve

Working Under Pressure

KENT Systems couplings also work better than other couplings at high pressures. The secret to this advantage lies with our cam action shut-off valve. When connecting our couplings, the locking lug holds the product together and a seal is created before the valve begins to open. As a result, the user is not forced to overcome the line pressure or messy leaks when connecting the couplings.

Easy To Use

If you view the video to the right, you can watch how easy it is to operate our Quick Couplings. Watch this seven-year-old kid attempt to use a variety of different quick couplings pressurized to 100 PSI.

You may notice that the only couplings that the child was able to reconnect were the blue KENT Systems Quick Couplings. This demonstrates how just how easy our couplings are to operate even at high pressures.

Seven Year Old Coupling Test


The KENT Systems Shut-Off
coupling is offered in a male or
female design and requires no
additional steps to activate. The Shut-Off
valve opens with the same 1/4 turn that
locks the product into place and comes
standard in light blue. Please contact
KENT Systems for custom color options.


The Shut-Off couplings prevent fluid or gases from escaping
the coupling while you are connecting the components. The O-Ring creates a seal and the locking lugs hold the product together before the Shut-Off valve begins to open. This makes for an easy connection even in high pressure applications.

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