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News-Coll 4 Threaded

KENT Systems, LLC adds threaded couplings to Collection 4

Loveland, CO, September 25, 2007, -- KENT Systems innovation is at it’s best. They have added threaded couplings to their already versatile Collection 4 product line. The new additions have been designed to meet the needs of their customers.

Collection 4 is a multipurpose quick coupling product line has many distinct features. The first feature is double o-ring to help ensure a tight seal. Another feature is an ergonomic handle to help with connection and disconnection. The product also features a shoulder to help keep the wrench from falling off the coupling. The threads come in 1/8” and 1/4” NPT as a shut-off, open-flow or triggering open-flow coupling. The barb sizes range from 1/16” to 5/16”, making it the obvious choice for most small tube applications.

The product line is a superior coupling for most applications. Like most of KENT Systems’ products, it is just a simple quarter turn to connect and disconnect, making it easy to use, while being strong and resilient. Each coupling fully integrates with other KENT Systems within Collection 4, allowing numerous configurations to meet individual customer needs. This makes KENT Systems’ Collection 4 a refreshing new choice when considering a coupling system.

“The new products are innovative in the world of couplings, it was designed with the customers needs and requests in mind”, states, Linda Sampson, owner.

KENT Systems has been designing and developing quick couplings for over 10 years. They sell product all over the world though phone, fax and through their website at The company offers a wide variety of quick coupling product lines ranging in size from a 1/16” barb to 1/2” barb. More information about KENT Systems can be found online at

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