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News- Resin Couplings

KENT Systems, LLC announces new full product catalog

KENT Systems, LLC announces disposable coupling system for resin infusion

Loveland, CO, June 7, 2006- KENT Systems has developed a new coupling system specifically designed for resin infusion. The new system will endure the pressures and temperatures common in vacuum bagging resin infusion techniques. However, unlike standard couplings, KENT Systems’ couplings are cost effective, and can be disposed of when clogged with cured resin.

The new resin coupling system is a superior fit for resin applications. For instance, the product features a double valve, rotating lock, and it is vacuum safe. Like most of KENT Systems’ products, it is just a simple 1/4 turn to connect and disconnect, making it easy to use, while being strong and resilient. The resin coupling system fully integrates with other KENT Systems products, allowing numerous configurations to meet individual customer needs. This makes KENT Systems’ resin coupling system a refreshing new choice when considering a coupling system.

“Most of today’s resin infusion methods rely on overusing expensive sealant tape to secure hoses to the vacuum bag. This is time consuming, costly and risky,” says Lyle Sampson, Plant Manager of KENT Systems. “We designed a component that is quickly and easily sealed into the edge of a vacuum bag. This significantly reducing the time and materials required.”

KENT Systems has been designing and developing quick couplings for over 10 years. They sell product all over the world though phone, fax and through their website at The company offers a wide variety of quick coupling product lines ranging in size from a 1/16” barb to 1/2” barb. More information about KENT Systems can be found online at

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