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A Comparison

KENT Systems quick coupling

Advantages and Features

The KENT Systems quarter turn quick coupling system is an uncomplicated and revolutionary design. Our quarter turn locking system is a superior design to other coupling methods.

  • A single-handed connection and disconnection, when one side is secure
  • A cam activated double valve that easily shuts-off flow to the couplings when disconnected. (The benefit of this feature is most evident at high pressures. This valve makes high pressure applications just as easy as low pressure applications.)
  • Easy installation into your new or existing product designs
  • The rotating lock enhanced the safety of our product by limiting accidental disconnects
  • Semi-custom options allow designers to select product to fit the needs of your application
  • Same action to engage and disengage the coupling
  • Ergonomic design
  • Safety spring
  • Reasonably priced for disposable applications, yet durable enough to be used over and over
  • Add a standard zip tie for additional security tagging
Push button quick coupling

Push Button Style

A common quick coupling is the push button style coupling. The advantages of the KENT Systems coupling over a push button coupling are safety, ease of use, and efficiency. A pushbutton quick coupling will accidentally disconnect by just tapping the button and since they are spring loaded, the disconnect may be overly forceful. A common problem in some situations is the button may be hard to find especially if it is on the underside of an application, in a position that may be hard to press. At high pressures, the push button design is difficult to insert and dangerous when the couplings accidentally fly apart. With a quarter turn quick coupling the user can grip anywhere on the base of the product and turn it to connect and disconnect. Also, the ease of connecting and disconnecting is the same regardless of the pressure.

luer coupling

Luer Style

In comparing a KENT Systems quick coupling to a luer, the quick coupling is the obvious choice, this is because of the disadvantages of the luer design. For instance, the luer can easily be over tightened and can be accidentally disconnected. Luers are prone to leaking and do not have internal shut-off valves. Without an internal shut off valve the luers leak when disconnected or they require the user to first turn off a secondary valve. Adding a secondary operation increases the chances that mistakes will happen. Another problem that has plagued luers isthat they are a common connector. In fact luers are used in everything from oxygen to IV systems. This opens up the posibility of tragic mistakes resulting from simple human error. The KENT Systems products are intentionally incompatible with luers to reduce the serious and dangerous risk of cross connections historically experienced with luers

Collar quick coupling

Collar Style

A collared quick disconnect is another popular choice when choosing a quick disconnect, but it too has many disadvantages. The collar can be difficult to move and the disconnected piece can become a potential hazard by flying across the room. The collared quick disconnect is more difficult to connect than KENT Systems’ quick coupling, because the collar needs to be pulled back and held while the connection is taking place. This can be cumbersome and more difficult to achieve when compared to KENT Systems quarter turn coupling. With a quarter turn connect, the individual is always in control of the product.

Barb fitting

Barb Fitting

A barbed fitting is a often used as a cheap method to connect and disconnect hoses, when a quick coupling should be used instead. When a user wants to disconnect a tube from a fitting, they simply pull the tube off the barb fitting. Over time this method damages both hose and fitting making it ineffective. In addition, the disconnection can be unsafe when the hose lets loose and flies in the users face. KENT Systems couplings connect and disconnect at the base, not the barb, this ensures a safer connection without wearing out the tubing and the barb.

Push-in quick coupling

Push-In Style

Another method of connecting tubing to a fitting is a tube push-in fitting. In this case the user takes a rigid tube and pushes it into the fitting. The fitting grips the tube by cutting into the outside of the tubing. The disadvantage is that the tube is difficult to remove. The user is forced to use rigid and unruly tubing. KENT Systems couplings can be connected and disconnected many times, and a variety of tubing can be used from rigid to soft. KENT Systems couplings give more options to the user.

Should you have any questions regarding our products, please contact us at 970.592.3185.

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