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Product Info > Media Bags Overview

KENT Systems Media Bag
Media Bag B4X21M-206

Media Bags Overview

Media Bags are a smarter way to package and distribute liquid products. Save money, and keep safe with an integrated shutoff valve and flexible package walls.

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Media Bags Basics
Air Displacement
Media Bags Strength
Shut-Off Fitment
Ideal Applications

Media Bags Basics

Most people are familiar with medical IV bags, but some people overlook packaging their own products in a media bag. Well it’s time to consider the benefits of flexible packaging for your products.

  • More efficient use of inventory and shipping space. Uses less room then cylindrical jugs.
  • Greatly reduce shipping cost with a combination of lay-flat, and lighter weight packages.
  • Free up some space. Empty flexible packaging utilizes considerably less storage space at your facility.
  • Get green. Flexible packaging uses less material than traditional packaging.
KENT Systems Media Bag Media Bags B4X21Z-G00

KENT Systems Media Bag

Air Displacement

In order to remove liquid from a traditional package, air must displace it. However, with flexible packaging, the package simply collapses around the escaping liquid. Forget about air displacement. Don’t expose your liquid to the air. (A major contaminate and discoloring oxidizer in some applications.)

Media Bags Strength

Sure there are a number of reasons to use a media bags... But how strong could a plastic bag be? We have all experienced how weak a shopping bag is, you certainly wouldn’t want to fill something like that with a fluid. Don’t worry, our bags are much stronger than a shopping bag. Watch the movie to see just how strong they are.



Using KENT Systems Media Bags has a positive impact on the evironment. The flexible bag requires less space for shipping and smaller shipments require less fuel.
By using KENT Systems Media Bags, you are helping to make the world a better place.

Shut Off Fitment

Connect and disconnect a variety of barbed and threaded fittings to our Media Bags. The internal shut-off valve automatically closes when the coupling is disconnected.

KENT Systems Shut-Off Fitment
Fitment 4AXF1A-G00

Ideal Applications

KENT Systems Media Bags are ideally suited for applications in:

  • Biomedical
  • Chemical dispensing
  • Bulk Ink dispensing
  • Biotech
  • Medical
  • Speciality Foods and Beverages
  • and much more

Our Basic Design Barb Design Tank Mounting
Shut-Off Valves Choosing Barb Sizes Chemical Chart

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